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JASCO set out in 2016, to carry the story of wood, which has taken different forms for centuries, to future generations. Today, it operates with more than 80 employees and manufactures wooden Composite Door and Door Components. Factory was captured around 1400m2 and located in Jahrah Industrial Area, Agility Warehouse # D2 in Jahrah area which makes the total monthly production of 3,000 doors and door components.

Doors field we entered in 2008 the journey of the company encompasses of several milestone and JASCO was founded in 2015. In 2016, our company concentrated its production capacity on membrane PVC and WPC door systems. As a door, our company aims to be a global brand with its quality products produced in the sector, customer oriented service understanding, innovative and reliable policy. JASCO works with great devotion at every stage of the production and marketing process and continues its works with an understanding based on customer satisfaction while expanding its production range day by day.

JASCO marketing in high quality product has strengthened its position in the market by increasing the range of products coupled with innovative thoughts to become the brand leader in the door, and the complete interior decors market of Kuwait. Thanks to eight years experience of the doors, windows and aluminum sectors, it protects quality and trust line for long years. And its serve products with its experienced team.

  • Manufacturer and supplier of quality PVC & WPC Doors
JASCO is the leading innovator in the composite door industry, with a reputation for building in the highest quality doors to match the increasing industry demands, JASCO also offers a wide range of door designs appealing to both commercial and retail sector and is consistently bringing new products to the market.

  • Why Choose JASCO
JASCO is an independently owned business, managed by a team of highly skilled individuals with huge experience in the door industry. Customer service and satisfaction is key to everything we do, and listening and reacting to customer feedback, make our business pro-active with a "can do" mentality. The customer service team are always on hand to assist with any enquiry, and senior management are customer facing, and ready to discuss individual customer requirements.